Unable to use Filter - Dropdown multiselect

My goal is to enable Tech leads, in several departments, to allow filtering data by selecting multiple employees at once.
The problem - The employee field has 500+ to 800+ unique values, and the dropdown multiselect option just shows a default search bar instead of the actual list of names to check/uncheck.

You can’t expect anyone to remember so many people to search by key chars the in search bar. Another way I tried is - using a list table with all the names, but only one name can be selected at a time to filter actions

Is there another way to achieve this?

Hi @Ops_Expert,
According to documentation from Amazon states that a dropdown list will display up to 1,000 values. Anymore than that, and you’ll receive a search box. Currently there is no way to override that option either.
In regards to a work around; is there another value that you could use as an additional filter? Like by department, region or something similar? You can link the employee filter to that second filter to only show relevant values. That should narrow down your employee value count so that it’s below the threshold and will show a list.

Hi @Brett

Yep, I added a few more filters for departments and selected relevant values. The maximum no. of employees for a department is 243 so it works.
But in the future, if someone handles 1000+ staff, this would fail…well that’s a worry for later

Thanks for your input!

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