Understanding WindowAvg to calculate variable rolling average


I’m trying to create a line chart with two series:

1- the average rating for the date
2- the rolling average for the previous X number of days

Here is what the chart looks like:

and here are the calculations involved:

// Average Overall Rating
// Rolling Overall Average

as you can see, if I decrease the slider value, the rolling average line will hug the daily average line, and If the slider is increased the rolling average gets smoothed out.

Here I don’t understand why when the slider is at 7, the first value of the rolling average (March 1st, 2022) is at 4.5 if the dataset does not have any records from before March 1st, 2022.

Shouldn’t the rolling average’s first value always equal the first Avg() value regardless?

If it makes any difference, the time dimension (RATING_DATE) is a datetime field with complete time component

Hello @Ali_B !

I’m curious if this is happening because you have your calculation sort set to ASC. Could you try setting it to sort by DESC and see if that gives you the expected value?

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