Unit format of field numbers

Hello, I’d like to change the unit format of numbers in a field from billions to gigabyte (or B to G). Not sure how to go about doing that, any help appreciated.


it is simple, just change as given below.


Thanks Naveed but I need it to show ‘Gigabyte’ not ‘Billions’ as I’m measuring network throughput not money.

the other way is to write a calculation filed and concats the required unite using if statement.
its manual but work :slight_smile:


you can use the suffix for this.

Im not sure, how your data looks like, but it could be, that you have to create a calculated field and divide your value with 10^x, so you get your value to the GB level. The suffix does not move the decimal, it just adds the string behind your value.

so if your raw value is in KB, you would need to create a calculated field and divide the value with 1000000, to get it to GB. With the suffix the value will still be a metric.

When you concat ‘GB’ in the calculated field, then the value becomes a string and you cannot sum over it in tables, so I would not recommend this.