Unsubscribe from QuickSight and backup


I used QuickSight for analyses and dashboards but I don’t need it any more and I will cancel my subscription (at least for a while).

However, I would like to keep a backup of my work.

My questions are:

  • When unsubscribing, will my analyses & dashboards be deleted or be still available when I subscribe again?
  • If they are deleted, is it possible to make a full backup (in S3 bucket or my own PC)? How (explanation, tutorial, video welcome)?

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Hi @LionelIS - I believe when you deleted your QuickSight account, all the analysis, datasets and dashboards, data sources will be deleted and you will not recover it after the deletion.

You can explore the start_asset_bundle_export_job ( Link - start_asset_bundle_export_job - Boto3 1.28.73 documentation) to export the assets, I never tried this, but you can check this.

Also I am tagging some experts to have their opinions. @David_Wong @duncan @sagmukhe - Please advise on this.

Regards- Sanjeeb


like Sanjeeb said, all ressources will be deleted and you wont have access to them anymore.

If you use the solution with the API, keep in mind, that the anaylses, dashboards and datasets are connected via their arn or id, not their names.

So if I understand the API endpoints correctly, you wont be able to download the json of the analysis and just upload it to another account. You have to create a mapping of the old IDs to the new IDs.


automatic python script (and others) at: https://github.com/WebCafeTech/quicksight-bundle-migration/blob/main/python/quicksight_bundle_export.py

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Hi @LionelIS - This is amazing. Is it possible to write a blog and step by step process so that it can be published in QuickSight community page. @Kristin can help you in the process. Please do this so that whole community can get benefited from this.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi Sanjeed,

I’m not the author of those codes, just found them, but they are extremely easy to use (at least export). Codes available for python and shell-script.
Main page, with explanation is:

For export, just:

  • import quicksight_bundle_export.py in AWS-CLI
  • python quicksight_bundle_export.py
  • answer the questions: account_id, region, resourcearns, export_format
  • done! You will find an quicksight_bundle.zip file where you run the scipt

Be aware that start_asset_bundle_export_job does not support (yet) csv data.
It would be nice if it could be supported asap.


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Thank you for sharing this useful details @LionelIS