Unsupported data types

We are pulling data from the third party source (post-gres sql). I am unable to import one of the columns as its datatype is unsupported. I can not alter the data type as its coming from third party. How can i still import it as I need that column to report metrics.

I’m wondering if QuickSight UI allows you to specify a different data type to use for this column. Do you see it in the list on the left? Can you set data type to String?

I am not able to see that column. It’s not getting imported in the dataset.

How is the dataset being imported? Are you uploading or pulling it in from a different source?

I am pulling it from different datasource


its very simple to change the field name and its data type. but the data in column should be validated. like integer must contains 0-9 or no spaces etc.

You must review data for those columns before upload to SPICE.

For data uploading you should review this video it may be help you :slight_smile:

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If it is failing even before doing the field listing, you may consider rewriting this as a custom sql query and changing the ip_address field to string there. postgreSQL has cidr and inet types which are typically used for ip addresses and I would suspect QuickSight is having trouble handling these fields. So you could request them in a custom query like so

      text(ip_address) AS ip_address
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