Update Dataset API

Hi all, I would want to update a schema in the dataset (REDSHIFT, database view as source) , since QuickSight doesn’t provide a UI screen for this, I am using the Update Dataset API. I was able to update the schema but I am loosing all other changes like renamed columns, folders created, calculated columns. I have tried below steps ;

  1. describe dataset , extract only the physical-table -map section from the JSON and save as a new JSON.
  2. update the schema details in physical-table-map JSON
  3. Execute Update dataset command with newly created JSON as parameter to this command.

As described, schema is changing in the dataset but other changes are lost.

Please let me know the detailed steps to solve this.

hi @bheemrao.walikar : The LogicalTableMap is require as well. Please see the boto3 documentation for the same. The logical map contain the mapping between physical to logical and present these columns in the data set of QuickSight UI.


Hope this will help you.

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Thanks for the response @Sanjeeb2022. after downloading the dataset defintion in JSON I created multiple JSON parts one for each Logical table map, Physical table map etc. I am able to update the schema. Thanks.


Thanks for the update @bheemrao.walikar! As always, thanks for your expert help to the Community, @Sanjeeb2022! :slight_smile:

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