Update dataset through excel

i have two datasets. ive extracted them and merged them in an excel sheet. i now want to re-import the merged excel back into quicksight. i have done this, but whenever i update the excel sheet, it doesnt update in quicksight. How can i make changes to the data in the excel, update the excel, and it updates the data in quicksight?

Hi @HarveyB-B ,
by Excel you mean a local Excel file?

I think so, as is on my laptop but also synced to my OneDrive.

i would say, in that case you need to update the data in QuickSight manualy, by updating the dataset.

Does this mean i have to basically create a new dataset every time i update the excel sheet? or can i press a button in quicksight, which looks at the file and updates it and inputs the new data i added/changed?

Ah i see, Updating files in a dataset - Amazon QuickSight this allows me to update it

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