Update/Insert SQL query through custom SQL

In our epic solution, we are using stack exchange data explorer for user to write - select and update queries on dataset. In new solution, we want the same feature and we are planning to use Direct query(custom SQL) feature, want to check is it possible to execute update or insert query through Direct query.

Welcome @Wadoodumar
i dont think it is possible and what do you want to insert anyway?

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Currently, user can inactive the merchants or update the columns of table, using editor screen for adhoc requirement. User can insert the ad hoc query data in temp/reporting tables for further use

Hi @Wadoodumar - Welcome to AWS QuickSight and thanks for posting the question. No, you can not use insert, update statements in QuickSight Query as QuickSight is a visualization tool and its main feature is to select the data and present the data into different visuals.

I believe you may need to create a custom app for the insert and update and put a link to that app in QuickSight so that user can do the same.

Regards - Sanjeeb