Updating one analysis from another one using API


I’m looking for a convenient and safe way to promote analysis definitions from one analysis to another existing analysis within the same AWS account.
The 2 analyses should have the same meta-data definitions except it is fed from different datasets with the same structure, but different underlying DB.
I checked update-analysis API. Should I use the --defenition parameter (attached screenshot)
and just change DataSetIdentifierDeclarations part to the new dataset ARN and identifier?


Yes I would first describe your original analysis then change the second analysis dataset and then update.


Then change the dataset in this definition.

Then update the new analysis.


Hi @Max

When running the update-analysis API with JSON file that contains the defenitions, I got the attached error:

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValueException) when calling the UpdateAnalysis operation: When ArcThickness is “WHOLE”, the chart doesn’t support DonutCenterOptions,

Didn’t find any documentation about it.
Seems it’s related to pie chart.
can you clarify, what it means and what action should be taken to fix it?


Are you creating a donut chart or pie chart?

A donut can have information in the center. A pie cannot.



Thanks for your guidance :pray:

I have to pie chart within my analysis, but I doesn’t contain any info in the center. at least not visible…
I mean I cannot observe it. Do you know what’s the defenition I should look for related to information in the center in Format visual area or other zone in the analysis or the JSON file containing all the metadata…?