Uploaded dataset no longer allowing additions, edits, or replacement

When trying to edit an uploaded dataset, I’m no longer seeing the option to upload new data or update existing data from whatever sheet I was working with. It’s now an expanded version of the preview window that used to be below the portion of the screen where you would be able to left/right/center join the data.


There is no button/option in Quicksight you are looking for. QS provide the “SAVE & PUBLISH” for new datatype/additional columns to accommodate the new changes.



if you could edit it before, then you dont have all permissions to the dataset anymore.

Please check with the owner, that you have the permission status of an owner to this dataset AND you also need the status owner in the datasoure, that was used to create the dataset.


I’m the original owner of the data set and I believe that I’m the status owner in the data source as well.

HI Naveed, this is what I used to see vs what I’m seeing now.

There could be 2 possibilities:

  1. Someone else updated the file, this is considered as replacing the data source so you won’t be able to see the join config
  2. Someone else join a new table, and you don’t have access to that data source

We have a new feature that would be available by the end of 06/28 to allow you to view and edit join config regardless of data source permission

The feature has been GA for a few days, let us know if you’re still not able to view or edit the join configurations.

Still unable to view or edit join configs on my end.