URL parameter with "not"/"does not equal" condition

I am creating quicksight URLs which take users from a pdf report to a QS dashboard with certain parameters passed as listed here. I see that we can pass [ALL] and “equals to” values to the parameters, but is there any way to pass “does not equal” to? I want to exclude just one value from a long list of potential values, which grows regularly, and it will be very cumbersome to maintain p.Category=value2, p.Category=value3, p.Category=value4, etc.

Is it possible to change the filter on that parameter from “Equals” to “Does not equal” as follows? then the filter will match anything that does not equal any values set for that parameters

Interesting idea, but it won’t work for this use case because the filter is exposed on the dashboard and when customers use it, they expect it to function as “equals”

Well you can always have 2 parameters, one called $CategoryEqual that does and an “Equal” match and another parameter $ExcludeCategory that does a “Does not Equal” match. You can use both or just one of these in your links and the parameter name is hopefully more indicative of the outcome

Thanks for the suggestion. Though it may work from technical perspective, I’m not happy with that user experience. I guess I’ll put in feature request to offer this “deselect/!=” functionality when passing parameters to URLs.

I will communicate this feature request to the appropriate team. Thank you

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