Use a calculated field to populate another Calculated Field

Hi All i have i table with some a column with quantity of products and another column with cost . in the same table i have column with single voice quantity and column with price of product.
I add a calculated field to choose to visualize total quantity or total cost but i want in the same calculated filed set another calculated field with new column name.

I try with:
ifelse(${totalcolumn}=‘€’,{Total Revenue} AND ${totalquantity}={Quantity Revenue} ,Total)

i receive an error in second part when i try to ADD an AND to populate another Parameter.

Any Idea?

Hi @gborasio - Im still trying to understand the output of what you are trying to achieve. I understand one calculated field to pick the metric based on a parameter, but what are you intending the other calculated field to be used for?

At the surface it feels like you need to split this into two calculated fields that are based off the same parameter. You cannot set the values of two different fields in the same calculation.

Hi @gborasio We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If we do not hear back in the next 7 days, we will archive the question

sorry for delayulated
i want to show some table using calculated field. i have an empty calculated field and another one that i use with a parameter from a control. the need is when to control is € (for example) i wnat to set my calculated field with a value and a second calculated field with another , and my table have this field like a column

You need to reference then this parameter in both calculated fields.

You can also look to hide / show different tables based on a parameter.