Use different dataset for different analysis in same dashboard


I have created an analysis from Dataset A. Now I am want to create DUPLICATE of that analysis on same dashboard but with dataset B.

I found that it’s doable by replacing the dataset but in my case I want to use both datasets in dashboard. Also it’s doable by creating new analysis with dataset B but I am trying to avoid manual work to create those analysis right from the scratch since there are too many.


Hi @priam_singh
you can use multible datasets in one analysis.
I would suggest to create work with two different sheets, one for each dataset.
If you want to avoid manual work you could try to change the dataset for the 2nd sheet via API.

You can try to replace the dataset reference on the 2nd sheet with to 2nd datasource.


Thanks @ErikG for your response. I actually tried the same way in UI i.e. having two sheets pointing to two different dataset. Second sheet(duplicated) not getting updated as per second dataset even if I try to update the dataset through UI which had me thinking will it be supported via api.

I am exploring the link that you sent to do it via api. Looking at it initially I don’t see updating the dataset for entire sheet is supported in their. I will let you know.


Hi @priam_singh
as far as i know in the analysis definition is a section for each sheet and there are all visuals with the corresponding dataset.

Thank you @ErikG. I was able to do it using above 2 api. One still needs to be careful while updating the json file from DescribeAnalysisDefinition file. It would be good to have feature if we can do this through UI as well.