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Hello! I have a viz (see below) that shows the type of employee and the total number of employees of that type with number of assigned tasks <10. I have another viz which is a table that just lists the details of all employees along with their type. I would like to click on the number 7 to filter the details table to show only those employees of type ‘Other’ that have number of assigned tasks <10. I applied a filter action on the field ‘Type’ but when I click ‘Other’ it shows me all the employees and not just the employees with number of assigned tasks <10. How can I filter on the value, in this case 7, to show me only those 7 employees and not all employees in that type.
Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 1.14.00 AM

Did you make a parameter that get’s changed with this action?

First step,

Create a parameter called Type.

Then create a navigation action on your table.

Then reference the type parameter using the type field as the “Set parameter value”

Then on the next sheet and table (the one you want filtered) add a filter that links your type to the parameter.

Hope that helps


To add to what Max has said. If you want the second table to only show those employees with tasks less than 10. Add another parameter for the number of tasks. Filter the second table by this parameter setting it to a value which shows everything to start with. Then on your navigation action, you can set this parameter to a custom value of 10.

Hope that helps.

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