Use formula from text field to calculate value

Hello everyone, i’m having a troublesome issue. Please help me if you can!

My visual is kinda like this. However, for those with formula, i need to use that text to calculate the value for budget_amount.

For example, BH10’s budget_amount is calculated using budget from BAZ2+BS1Z-BP1Z.

Is it possible to write a calculated field that use the text from formula field to calculate budget_amount? If possible, please tell me how to do it. Thank you so much!

@Kuroha no. this is not possible

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Hi @Kuroha - For each item, if you have a different formula, you can explore if else approach but this is not recommended, better to do this calculation at ETL or outside QS level.

Regards - Sanjeeb

So this isn’t possible at all? Ok, thanks everyone for answering me.

@Kuroha how many items do you have? If not to many you could create a measure for each item.

BAZ2_budget = ifelese({item_id}='BAZ2',{budget_amount},0)

BH10_budget = BAZ2_budget+BS21Z_budget+BP1Z_budget

To bring it back in one column you would need another long ifelse to bring it all together.

But as @sanjeeb2022 said it would be more efficient to do it outside QS.

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I need to use many filters so doing it outside QS may be impossible.

I’m also thinking about doing it like what you said. It might be long and tedious but i guess it’s possible.

maybe you can check that post as well

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I’ll look into it, thank you.