Use of Quicksight name spaces for multi-tenancy with IAM Identity Center

I would like to use Quicksight name spaces in a single AWS account to separate customer end users and resources so they are isolated from each other to support a multi-tenancy environment.

Today, we use AWS IAM Identity center (SSO) , integrated with Quicksight, to automatically register a Quicksight Reader account under the default name space when creating a new user.

We would like to use IAM Identity Center to create users for different customers using a different Quicksight name space per customer. Is there a way to pass in the name space attribute when creating the user in IAM Identity Center so that it invokes RegisterUser with the specified name space? If not, is there a reasonable work around to continue managing users in IAM Identity Center and then manually changing the name space for the Quicksight user created by IAM Identity center?

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At high level, I assume following is your workflow today :

1/you create the user in IAM Identity Center and provide access to the QuickSight application.
2/user logs into SSO link and clicks on the QuickSight application.
3/If Email sync is not enabled, the user would have to provide the email address.
4/This would create the QuickSight user.

The QuickSight just in time user provisioning ( Provisioning users for Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight ) works only for the default namespace.

With custom namespaces, at the time of creating users in IAM Identity Center who would access QuickSight, you would also have to pre-register the user in QuickSight using the register user api in the required namespace. RegisterUser - Amazon QuickSight .

The user will then view assets shared within that specific namespace when they access QuickSight when federating through the SSO link.

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