Use other users athena data for datasource

Hello! I have some questions about creating dataset.
Several users are invited to quicksight, and each users have their own data in their Athena. As I tested, it seems that only QuickSight instance creators data can be used in datasource. (Datasets > New datasets > athena. People other than instance creators can select only that data, not their own. )
. Is there some way to use their own athena data? (If not possible, all data must be collected to the Quicksight Insance creators athena database.)

Hi Noah-
QuickSight Authors have access to create data sources and datasets (unless custom permissions have been applied by the Administrator limiting this). QuickSight Readers only have the ability to view dashboards with data shared with them by authors. I’m not sure what you mean by QuickSight Instance creator. If this doesn’t answer your questions, please provide more details/context. Thanks!


Hello, thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
Sorry for the lack of explanation. I’ll explain it in more detail.

The point is how can i use my personal Athena data in QuickSight which created by another user.
(The way to think is to like get account information from the service key, fill in the Athena information, and so on to recognize the Athena table)

1.There are users A and B Let’s assume.
A and B each have AWS accounts, all of which have their own Athena data.

2.User A creates a QuickSight and invites user B.

3-1. User A creates a dataset using Athena at the QuickSight

Of course, user A can use A’s athena data.

3-2. This time, user B creates an Athena dataset at the QuickSight. In this case, he can create connection to user A’s Athena data, but he wants to use his own Athena data, which in his AWS Account

4.Is there any solution to use B’s Athena data in QuickSight?

*Forexample, please consider Self-BI. Quicksight is an environment that analyzes data, and each person wants to analyze their own data in QuickSight. Of course, if I create a QuickSight for each user, they can analyze their own data. But, It’s too hard to manage it…
Redshift, forexample, it can analyze their own data, because it can create manual connection (write there host name, port number …). However, this setting seems difficult in Athena.(I can’t find some ‘manual connect’ in athena source. there’s only auto-discovered connect)

If S3 is used as a source instead of Athena, B seems to be able to analyze B’s data, but it is a little expensive to put all the data in SPICE memory to use S3.

Is there any way to use the outside athena data?

hi @Noah,

you mentioned A and B each have their own AWS accounts and created Athena table under the individual accounts. so if user B uses QuickSight under user A’s account and tries to connect to Athena table under user B’s account from QuickSight, it requires the permission setting to allow cross-account access in IAM policy.

the blog below describes how to configure for the cross-account access from QuickSight.

hope this helps.

kind regards,

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Hi @Wakana,

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
It’s a very interesting idea and I think it’s going to be a great help.

Thanks for your help!