User-based Embedded Questions

I’ve successfully followed this workshop:

Is there any tutorials on doing this in a React frontend (backed by server technology to handle sensitive operations we don’t wan to expose to the client)? I’d really like to develop this solution locally so I can add multi tenant support so it scales up with our business needs.

Here are a couple of resources I’ve found helpful.

Let me know if you are looking for more.

Thank you for your response Max! I appreciate it. I’ve seen those links. Unfortunately these don’t really fit the security requirements. I’m currently using multiple Cognito UserPools and multiple QuickSight Namespaces (1 pool to 1 namespace). When a user logs into user pool they should see all the QuickSight resources associated with their namespace. Resources are associated with groups and users are associated with groups.

If I’m reading the workshop code correctly they redirect to Cognito and SSO takes over. I missing a little bit on how this actually works; but the workshop code does use the embedding SDK:

<script src=""></script>

So that may be the route to go if I can figure out the security parts in React.

I am marking your reply as “Solution” as you would have to work further at your end in integrating QuickSight in the react application.

The Javascript SDK though is for embedding the QuickSight experience into your application.
W.r.t Cognito , here is another post which provides a few details on integration : Quicksight login with Cognito?