User-based Embedding using Cognito

Hi I have followed the QuickSight Tutorial on AWS workshop studio (Workshop Studio) to Embed and Authenticate. I create the users in Cognito and the first time they sign in in the sample webapp a reader will be created in quicksight.
It all works but I have trouble understanding how to share different dashboards with different users.
At the moment I can only share with the EmbeddedUsersGroup that the tutorial creates when registering a user and I cant even share the dashboard with the single users I can only share to group.(When looking to share to user they wont show in the search panel) I need to separate the dashboards depending on user or group as I have different layouts just filtering data by user is not enough.
Do I need to modify some of the solution or is there a different solution that can achieve this ?
Thank you very much,

Hi Dom,

The dashboard share screen should let you share it with both users and groups. (Granting individual Amazon QuickSight users and groups access to a dashboard in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight)
However, I do see an issue with case sensitivity of the search and have created a ticket for development team to fix it.
In the interim, please search for users by their email.

Arun Santhosh

Thank you,
If I use email address in the search bar instead then the username the cognito created users show up.