User Based Row level security for Quicksight - Timestream dataset

Hi, I am trying to implement user-based row level security for my quicksight dashboard. I am using Timestream dataset for my quicksight dashboard. I made all my columns varchar type in order to adhere to user-based row level security requirements. However, I always received an error stating that time is of invalid column type.

How do I force conversion of time column to varchar type for timestream dataset for Quicksight row-level security?

Hi @snela - Thanks for posting the question. Would you mind clarifying the following:

  1. Share a sample data set (may be few rows)
  2. Do you plan to convert time column to string and use it for permission dataset rule? It’ll be helpful if you elaborate the use case where time value is used for controlling user access to the data.

Your clarification will help us to better address your question. Thanks!

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Hi @debapc

Thanks for the reply. No worries, I managed to find the solution. After importing the data from timestream, I go to the dataset tab in Quicksight and directly change the column type for time to string. I was then able to perform user-based row level security for the dataset without any errors.

Hope this helps others who may have a similar issue for user-based row level security for timestream datasets in Quicksight


Thanks for sharing your solution with the Community @debapc

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