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Hello everyone, I require assistance concerning filters. I am in the process of creating a filter for a specific field. However, when I publish the dashboard, there is an option that allows users to add additional filters. I would like to prevent my users from adding more filters beyond what I have already set up to be visible on the dashboard.

Hi @Priyank,

If you disable ad hoc filtering when you publish your dashboard, your readers won’t see the filter pane. I think it’s disabled by default.

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Thanks, David_Wong. I require a filter that I’ve designed, allowing users to modify the project name through it. However, when I deactivate ad-hoc filtering, no other filters should be visible to users. In the dashboard, I want to retain only the filter I’ve created, preventing users from adding any additional filters.

If there are filters that you want to expose to users, add them to your sheet or as control (select the “Pin to top” option). Then publish with ad hoc filtering disabled. This way your users will still be able to use the filters you’ve given them but won’t be able to create new ones.

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David Wong, the solution you provided doesn’t meet my needs. When I apply a filter, it appears on top of the entire dashboard. While this approach works for a single visual, my dashboard contains nine widgets, and I can’t create nine separate filters on top of each widget, especially since each widget uses a different dataset. is it possible to apply a filter on the specific widget or another approach there please suggest.

hi @Priyank,

the filter can be applied to specific widget(visual) and can be placed in anywhere in sheet. if you select “Pin to top”, it will be placed to the top of the dashboard but if you select “Add to sheet”, it can be placed in the sheet.
you can change ‘Apply to’ setting in each filter setting, if you want to apply to specific widget.

hope this helps.

kind reagrds,

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@Priyank Between david and Wakana i feel like your question as answered - will mark as solved.

If not solved please let us know.

thanks all!

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