User enters a list of comma separated values as Filter Selection


Does quicksight support a functionality where a user can enter a comma separated list of values as Filter selection which can then be passed on as a WHERE caluse to the query. Say user wants to enter v1,v2,v3 as multiple values of the single filter and then query should look like

select * from myTable where col1 in (v1,v2,v3);

Another extension of functionality that I would like to achieve is remove any extra spaces in these comma separated values if present. For example if user enters v1 , v2 , v3 then it should treat the values as v1,v2,v3

Any help is appreciated

Hi @NeerajGautam

Could you please check this post , i think this should help you : How to use values from a list aggregated field in a table to a filter in Quicksight?


Hi @apjvinod ,

Thanks for looking into it. I think my requirement is little different from the post you mentioned. I don’t need to exclude any values or don’t have a dataset where a column has a concatenated list of values.

What I am looking for is if Quicksight has a feature to allow users to enter Comma Separated Values which can then be used as a filter in my SQL query to the database?

Format your control and select “Text field - multiline”. You can then select “Comma” as your separator. It looks like you can only do this if you use a parameter for your filter.

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Did Davids comment help with your scenario? I’m marking it as a solution but please feel free to let us know in case you need additional assistance.

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Hi Asem,

I am yet to try it out. I will update the thread some time next week.