User Group: What are your top tips & tricks for building your best dashboard?

Hi all! I am posting this question for the April 19 Online User Group, directly following the learning webinar.

If you share a tip or trick at the Online User Group, feel free to also post it here (or to post supporting links or resources here).

Tips or tricks could be dos/don’ts, advice you would give your beginner QuickSight self, how to find the most success using QuickSight, etc. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Use table as left navigation menu
Sometimes there could be multiple metric/ measure need to be displayed for the end users and you want to let users navigate from one metric to another. If the list of measure keeps growing then it would be difficult to create multiple visuals and have users navigate/ scroll through the dashboard pages. You can leverage table as Left navigation menu to swtich between multiple metrics. This uses two tips and tricks showcased in QuickSight Demo Central.

  1. Dynamic measures and dimensions
  2. Highlight selection



I make trips to the QuickSight release history doc link quite often for 2 main reasons-

  1. Check which visual features are available when dealing with comparison with other BI tools feature.
  2. Checking which feature went to GA as there are number of Beta (private) features I am enabled with as an early adopter of features.

I didn’t know you could do that, very nice


Wow… This is very interesting… Going to explore this tips. Thanks for sharing with us.

Regards - San


I will mention including “Last Updated” information in the dashboard like you see in Vetri’s example. It helps people using the dashboard to know if the data is fresh or stale.


Hi @n_vetri,

Nowadays everyone is asking measure comparison instead of creating multiple chart to represent each measure. It is always better options to create a single chart and give the end user to use the measure as a control.

So yes, this dashboard is really provide a god insight and also looks wise very much clean & clear.

Thanks @n_vetri for sharing this analysis.


Thank you Kristin for arranging an awesome session. Couple of Tips from my side.

  1. If a dashboard is used by many users, it is better to use SPICE for the dataset. This way it will help in performance of the dashboard and avoid direct query each time an user is accessing the dashboard.
  2. There is a very cool feature called “IP restrictions” in QuickSight which enable users to access QuickSight from Organizations IP range. This way QuickSight is not able to access public and only allowed from specific IP range, its a very good feature from security prospective.

Regards - Sanjeeb


This is great - I always love it when two techniques can be brought together to do something far more powerful together.
One quick question for @n_vetri : does this carry through to the PDF output? So would the user get a PDF of whatever is selected when they export as PDF, or would they always get the default view selected when the sheet is opened? Thanks!


Thank you @JRK
It uses parameter for the selection. So it will highlight selection at the moment of export.



@n_vetri Hello everything is fine ? Could you open this dashboard with the community? I’m wanting to make a very similar model and I’m having a lot of difficulty