User-Operated Adding/Removing of Dimensions in a Table Visual

Is there a way to dynamically add/remove columns from a table on a published dashboard? Allowing the user to create a table and then export the data with their selected columns?
We’ve thought of a way to do this with one column selector parameter for each column in the table, but are hoping there’s an easier way to do it that wouldn’t be limited by the number of parameters set up by the devs.

Unfortunately we do not have a better way to do this as of now. The work around that you are using is the only way to provide a dynamic column selector. I will let the concerned team know about the feature request, I am sure they are tracking it in their backlog.

Hi @nsv ,

Could you point me to any detail guide on how you setup column selector parameter. I have the same issue where my user/reader needs to hide columns whenever required. Thanks!