User Selected Dashboard Theme?

I’ve read through a couple of other questions similar to this so I wanted to pose the question again.

Is it possible for a user to select their desired theme on a dashboard? For example, if user #1 goes into my dashboard and selects dark theme. User #2 goes into my dashboard and selects light theme. As in some sort of “Theme Selection” filter/control/etc. that the user can switch between for their desired theme?


Hi @jefft

Thanks for your question.

You can share themes with permissions levels set to user or owner.

Please see below link for more information and do let me know if this clarifies your question.



@jefft, when you say user", do you mean reader who don’t have access to modify dashboard? QuickSight can apply one them only for each dashboard. Therefore, user cannot change the theme on the fly.

If the user is “author”, then they can go to “analyses” to modify the theme of the dashboard. But please be reminded that this change will be applied to all users when they see the same analyses

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Hi @royyung, thank you for your reply. Yes, the user I refer to is one who cannot modify dashboard. Thanks for confirming that the dashboard theme cannot be adjusted on the fly (that was the goal I had in mind). Users of this particular dashboard won’t be able to go in and modify anything (analysis or otherwise) so this is great information.

Thank you very much.

@jefft May I know how can user access dashboard? are they access by QuickSight console or Embedded application?
If using embedding, one approach you may consider is to use one template and create multiple dashboard with different Themes. And you can create a button in the web application to allow user choose different themes. When they choose another Theme, they will be redirected to different dashboard

@royyung Hi! Do you know if this feature is on the roadmap for new development? Our dashboard users would like the option to toggle between dark and light mode.