User side dashboard filter is cached


sometime when I publish a new version of a dashboard had the issue that the user side dashboard filters are cached with the old version and the user can’t see new values in the filter. The user needs to click in the reset button to make it working properly.

I would like to know if it is possible to for a reset in the user cache, and in this way the user doesn’t need to manually click in the reset button.


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Hello @miguelhentoux, unfortunately there is not functionality currently available in QuickSight to implement this. Since there is not a work-around other than manually selecting the reset button on the controls, I will mark this as a feature request.

Please let me know if you have any remaining questions on this issue, otherwise I will archive it for our support team. Thank you!

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To address your issue of automatically resetting user caches without requiring manual intervention, here are a few approaches you might consider, depending on the specific dashboard platform you are using:

Programmatic Cache Reset:
Some dashboard platforms allow you to programmatically clear or reset the cache through their API or scripting options. Check if your platform has such capabilities and invoke this API when deploying a new version of the dashboard.
Cache-Busting Query Parameters:
Modify the URLs of your dashboards to include a unique query parameter that changes with each update (like a version number or timestamp). For example, appending ?version=1.2 to the URL can force the browser to fetch a fresh copy, seeing it as a new URL.
Server-Side Settings:
Some platforms allow you to adjust the cache settings on the server side. You can reduce the cache duration or turn off caching for specific parts of the dashboard that are frequently updated.
User Instructions or Script:
If the above options are not viable, another approach is to provide users with a simple script or a browser extension that clears their cache automatically or when they load the dashboard.
Educate Users:
As a last resort, providing clear instructions to users on how to reset their cache or refresh their data when they notice issues can be helpful, though it is not an automated solution.
If you specify the dashboard platform you are using, I might be able to provide more targeted advice, as each platform (like Tableau, Power BI, Looker, etc.) has its own set of features and tools for handling cache issues.
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Thanks Dylan for your replay, I will wait for this new feature and try to educate the users or add alerts to them to reset the control manually.

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Hello @miguelhentoux thank you for following up, and thank you @macksam for providing some more information with alternate ways to handle this. I will archive this topic for our support team, and you can always keep an eye on the What’s New tab of the community to stay up to date with new feature releases.