Username and Password

Hi There, I was given access to the Quicksight dashboard a few days ago. I have been using the “Amazonbi” account name, but keep getting prompted for a password and nothing is working. Can someone help me access? TIA!

What screen is it on? Do you have the ability to fill out the username?

Or is it this?

Hi! Per the wiki, I was signing in with the Amazonbi username, so the screen looks like this

Hi Kennpraw,

From the above screen shot, you have entered iam-user-masonjar as the account name and amazonbi as the Username. Launch QuickSight in a new private window. Then, enter amazonbi as the account name (see screen shot below) and click NEXT. You should now be taken to Midway authentication page and will be let into the account after you authenticate.
(I assume that you are an amazon employee. In case you aren’t, reach out to the person who gave you access and ask them for the correct account name and auth mechanism to follow.)

I’m marking this response as solution to your question. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Arun Santhosh