Users get confused with accepting the invite

Ok, I am sorry for being so critical, but this is really bad! I know everyone is busy, and the teams are small. But this sort of onboarding critical path must be tested extremely well.

As an end user, I just went through the invite flow myself, and the results are scary.

  1. I got an email from QuickSight, which went to the junk folder.
  2. I have accepted the invitation.
  3. I was asked to provide a password (minor nit here, but the password form is really jumpy with the error messages if you put in an invalid password, it will display error messages and they keep rejiggling the form as you type).
  4. Now, this is the :fearful: moment. I get the dreaded “QuickSight Account Name” screen. This is immediately after accepting the invite, and creating a password.
  5. Now, after the org name, it asks for my username.
  6. Then once more it asks for the password.

Please tell me how, as a new user, I am supposed to know what the “QuickSight Account Name” is.

To be clear this is not the “username” but the org name.

But even if it were the username, this is also not known to the newly invited user. They just got an email invite. They don’t know what their username is. They can assume it is email. But it might not be that.

And then, why, after I’ve just registered, I need to input the username and password again?

This is a similar issue to the:



our users also have problems with the QuickSight Account Name and they often use their username in this field. So an autofill option with the last used account would be great!

To your other points.
For me the invitation mail never went to the junk mail (we are using outlook). Could it be a setting in your company?

The account name is in the invitation mail, but it does not really stand out, so it can go unnoticed or the user just does not know, that this is the account name they have to use in the login.

I’m with you, that the user-account creation could be much better!


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Could it be a setting in your company?

I tested with FastMail default settings.

The account name is in the invitation mail

Yes, I am aware of that. But as an end user, who just receives the invite, they won’t. It happens in 9/10 cases that they stumble on this.

Thanks @m0ltar @thomask . We have the same issue as the account id and user id are both different. For us the invitation is not going to junk or spam and we are using outlook.

For user experience, lets give these feedback to AWS quicksight product team so that they can simplify this process. as a community we all here to give feedback and make this product robust with time.

Tagging QuickSight experts and some of AWS folks for their feedback as well.

@Max @Kristin @Bhasi_Mehta @Tatyana_Yakushev @David_Wong @Thomas @Biswajit_1993

Regards -San

The same username can be used to add users to different QuickSight accounts, so the account name is what tells AWS which QuickSight account you’re trying to access. That being said, I think it should be able to tell what the account is based on the link that was used to accept the invitation, and not ask the user to enter it during the initial login flow.

However, the issue remains on subsequent logins when you’re not using any link sent in an email. Without asking for an account name, QuickSight doesn’t know what account you’re trying to log into. They would have to give each QuickSight account a unique URL like https://{accountname} so that users don’t need to enter an account name.

This issue isn’t specific to QuickSight. To log into AWS Console or any AWS service, you have to enter an account name. It’s not as bad in other AWS services because they’re typically used by more technical users and internally but in QuickSight, the readers may not be technical and may also be outside of your organization.


Hi @David_Wong . Agree with you. One of way the login url can be improved with embed the account name and user id so that user needs to put the password only/

Regards - San

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