Using buttons to navigate the sheets

Hi Team,

Is there a way we can add buttons that navigate to different sheets within our dashboard?
I want to create a Daily, Weekly and Monthly view for the cost incurred to the org. I want to provide the user an ability to toggle between these sheets to switch from daily to weekly to monthly view, order not necessary.

I looked at a couple of similar questions on the forum but none of them have clear responses. I want to use the navigation action using a button or a link on one of the sheets to navigate to another.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Kartik - i made a gif for you with one way to do it. I used a Table visual with some custom text, but you could probably use a Custom Visual Content type of visual if you want to use your own image. I put some conditional formatting to add the Arrow. Then can style the table to change font size, background color of cells, etc. Last thing is to add the Navigation Action to it. Again, you could probably make a prettier button, but you will see the general concept.
navigation button 2

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This was super helpful. Works like a charm. Thanks Jesse!