Using cli or sdk to create backup copies of artifacts

how can we use the cli or sdk to create a backup copy of quicksight artifacts (analysis, datasets, datasources, dashboards)…just in case any of our users mistakenly deletes an artifact?

We have a python process that’s currently backing up objects. It’s easier to do with boto3 and the API rather than CLI, but it’s a workable solution

OverSight for Amazon QuickSight is a SaaS-based solution that you can use to group together QS objects into “Applications” and create versioned “Releases” to store backups of your work. Releases can be easily deployed to other AWS Accounts that you manage within OverSight. This is all done from a easy-to-use web application … no need for CLI or APIs.


I would probably look at the describe commands and dump them somewhere (s3).

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Hi @jbuford04 jbuford04

Thanks for the reply! I tried using the new describe commands in python and keep getting this message. I am operating is us-east-1

any thoughts?

many thanks :slight_smile:

“errorMessage”: “‘QuickSight’ object has no attribute ‘describe_dashboard_definition’”,
“errorType”: “AttributeError”,