Using Latitude and Longitude coordinates to map out locations on a geospatial visual

Hi everyone, I’m trying to map out the locations of my company’s suppliers and clients on a geospatial map. I’ll focus on the supplier side only for this question. I currently have a field called loc, which consists of the latitude and longitude for each supplier we have in the list. The loc field has data that looks like this:

I’ve then created calculated fields that allow me to separate the latitude and longitude. I did this at dataset level (when i’m at the edit dataset screen) and changed the field type to lat and long respectively. This is how I did it:
lat: split(loc, ‘-’, 2)
long: split(loc, ‘-’, 1)

However, when I put these coordinates on the geospatial point visual type, i get the following error:

I’m not sure where the error is, or why the locations aren’t being rendered. I believe this might be due to the inconsistent number of decimal places in each of these coordinates, but that’s just a rough guess. What could be the cause and how do I approach this? An example of of the decimal places issue is this:

I’ve made a copy of this analysis on Arena
Thanks a lot!

Hi @rohit_SB

you could solve that one with a substring. i guess 3.16570170000001 isnt right anyway.

Btw. your Arena link isnt working.


Hi @ErikG, I did apply the substring function as well, but I don’t notice any changes
Here’s the arena link: Geomapping
I hope this works!

Hi @ErikG , have you had the opportunity to take a look at the arena link?

Hi @rohit_SB
can you try to convert the long/lat into decimal?

Hi @rohit_SB
could you solve your issue?