Using one RDS connection for a custom SQL query to several schema

I am trying to run a SQL query that includes UNION between several tables on different schema that exist inside a single RDS.

Can I create a generic RDS connection with no specific schema, and then use a custom SQL query to use any of the schema in that RDS?

How can I do that?


you can give diffrent schema rights to a user, make any relation
and make connect using this user.

Not sure I understand your suggestion.

I am connecting to an RDS with my root user, that has permissions to access any schema in that RDS, but the RDS connection setup dialog is asking for a specific schema.
I would like to be able not to input any schema, and just have a general RDS connection that will allow me to use any custom SQL query, for one or many schema in that RDS.

Hope I was more clear about what I am looking for.

Thank you for your answer.

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OK. I think what @Naveed suggested worked :slight_smile:

I setup an RDS to a specific DB schema, with a root user that have access to all schema in that RDS (DB)
and created a SQL query that is doing UNION of several schema… and it worked :slight_smile:

Thank you!