Using parameters to control pivot tables

Hello, I am trying to create a pivot table where the viewer can decide some of the column to show in the table.

I did some research and I found this youtube video which I recommend to all the noob like me :slight_smile:

I understood that it is still not possible to have parameters with multiple selections (is it still true?), but my question is, can we just link numerical calculated fields in this?

If for example I create a calculated field such an average, then the “patamter+control+table” works fine! The new column with the calculated field appears.

However, I would like to add to the pivot table also in the “columns” field of the visual not only to the Values, but this is not possible because I can not use the field list in the “patamter+control+table”

is this a direct connection to the fact that each control can not have multiple values if used in a visual?

I would like for example create a parameter which group all the data for all the country I have in the dataset.

Right now the only solution I see is to calculate each measure (average, sum, etc) for each different country and then connect those measures into the patamter+control+table and add that into the “Values” field of the visual…this is long, and in addiction I can not show 2 nations at the same time…

I Hope I made myself clear :sweat_smile:

Hi @remba87

You can use parameters with multi values. You can also now use them in calculated fields if that’s what you’re asking. The new function added was the “in” function where you can work with a list of values.

Are you asking to use an aggregation in the columns field?

Can you try doing something like
avgOver({value},[],PRE_AGG) and see if that works?