Using QuickSight Forecast to auto-populate a table

When using Quick-Sight forecast for time-series graphs, is it possible to use the forecast to automatically populate the values presented in the chart into a table?

Hence, whenever we make a change to the forecast chart the table will automatically change to populate the new values.

Currently, I am making a forecast and downloading the associated .csv file - I assume there is a more efficient way to do this in Quick-Sight.

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Hey @RossDickinson97, unfortunately there is not actually a way to do this in QuickSight today, forecasting is only supported on line charts. Supporting tables is a common customer request, though, and I’d just like to clarify something about your use case: are you saying that you’d basically like to have a single forecast configured and to show that on both a chart and a table? (i.e., you don’t just want to be able to convert your chart to a table, you want both, and you want them both based on the same forecast configuration.) Let me know if I’ve got that right. Cheers.

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Hi @crease, yes I am looking to be able to create a forecast chart of which all of the data points will be populated into a table side-by-side to the forecast chart. Whenever I change the forecast parameters, the table will update automatically.

The manual solution I have been using for this use-case involves downloading the forecast .csv and then uploading it back into S3 as a data source to create a table in the Dashboard.

Is there any intention for this feature to be created in Quick-Sight in the future?


Hi @RossDickinson97 sorry for my delay. This use case makes total sense. Unfortunately we have no specific plans at this time, however a common customer ask is to be able to use the output data from our forecasting algorithm in other contexts. Use cases like yours will help us shape how to support that. I’ll report back when we have more concrete plans. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you for your help @crease!

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