Using QuickSight to build embedded Sales Transaction Reports Dashboard


My team is in the process of re-architecting an outdated sales reports dashboard originally built with Spring. The current plan was to build out the new Sales Dashboard using React.js so we can leverage client side visualization libraries. I am curious to know if QuickSight is a viable alternative approach for this reporting dashboard. If it is a viable approach, I’d like to know the following:

  1. How easy/difficult is it to modify and finetune QuickSight’s reporting UI?
  2. Can QuickSight pull data from restful APIs directly, or do we need to load the data into QuickSight db datasources?
  3. Does QuickSight work with Amazon AuthPortal? That is, if a user logs in using the Amazon AuthPortal can we pass that user to a page that hosts an embedded QuickSight dashboard?
  4. We currently have 50K active report consumers that will grow to 100K+ report consumers in a couple of years. Can QuickSight handle this scale (and higher)?


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Hi Ril,

As you are already familiar with Spring and React.js – using QuickSight Embedding with React.js should be easy – here are some examples:

  1. Visual Embedding
    Embedded Sessions (Authoring and Reader)
    Embedded External Demos
    Live Demo Site / Embed Code
    QuickSight Workshop (User-based Embedding)
    Workshop Studio

  2. QuickSight can pull date from the following data sources natively, plus you can write your own custom connectors using Lambda to Storage/Database, AppFlow SDK, Glue, Athena and other workflows: Supported data sources - Amazon QuickSight

  3. Yes, Workshop Studio

  4. QuickSight is highly scalable with different types of pricing models such as session packs, anonymous embedding and other private pricing for large volume.
    Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services

Please send me an email and I can connect you with the right contact. We have different free programs, starting with the free trial of QuickSight Amazon QuickSight - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services, Immersion Day free training AWS Solution-Focused Immersion Days 2023, Data Labs AWS Data Lab, AWS QuickSight POC Amazon QuickSight Demo and other partner enablement services – some of which comes with initial POC funding.



Dr. Alexander Peter
Sr Solutions Architect, Amazon QuickSight


Thanks Alex. I’ll connect with you on Monday.


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