Using 'Style as' to reference a Field?

I’d like the ability to choose another Field in ‘Style as’ to set either the display text or the URL for a cell to achieve a display text and link text that are different but both come from the dataset.

I think about this as “Style as: Field to Text” so that I can set the ‘Custom’ text to a known Field; or “Style as: Field to URL” where I can keep the current field text, but develop a link that uses another Field as the target URL.

The example use case is links to profiles for users where you see the user’s name as the field text, but clicking the name (styled as link) goes to their profile URL.

Today, I can style the entire URL as the link in the cell, but that’s not visually appealing.

I considered URL action, but that is for the entire row. Styling already allows us to generate links in every column if desired. Why not let us set the Custom text based on a Field?

I’ll mark this as a feature request!