Values of filter list (added to sheet) are not getting updates dynamically based on parameter passed in URL

I am trying to create a dashboard for a multi-tenant SaaS application. I have created an analysis, in which I am using Parameter to filter the data by tenant id for the dashboard. When I pass the parameter in the url (embed url) the dashboard is getting filtered correctly (showing visuals based on the provided parameter). But the values in the filter list for the filters added to the sheet are not getting updated according to the tenant ID I have passed.

How to achieve this scenario? Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi @vineet ,

The values in the filter list will show all the existing values for the column. If you want to restrict it further based on the specific tenant who will view the dashboard. Then implement row level security .

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hi @vineet

I agree with @Koushik_Muthanna - the filtering of filter list amongst a few other things is why we recommend using Row Level Security to address this use case of a multi-tenant SAAS Application. Another aspect worth considering if these tenants are authors is namespaces.

Ramon Lopez