VBA Macro or Direct Excel Data Source, Most Efficient Query Method?

Hello All!

In your experience, what method is most efficient for querying Quicksight datasets? My workflow does not leverage Redshift or SQL.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time!

Hi @ALEDALY - Could you expand on your use case a little? Where is your data stored and how are you leveraging QuickSight to query your data? I’ll be better able to assist you.

Hi @ALEDALY. I would use VBA macros in Excel first then connect to your excel file from QuickSight.

The reason for that is because in QuickSight, if you use calculated fields like lags, and leads you need to also reference any of the partitions in the visual. This makes it limited because now every one of your visuals will need to have a reference to those fields, and sometimes you don’t want that.

Does this answer your question? I am marking this post as solution, but it this is still not resolved, please let us know and provide additional detail about your use case. Thanks!