Vertical bar chart - amend legend values/names

Hi all,

A real quick and simple one I hope.

I have a vertical bar chart where I have two calculated values added in to the “Value” field. When I try and display these values in the chart legend, they are showing as the names of the calculated fields.

For some reason I cannot find a way to rename these so they make more sense to a user. I’m able to find where I can change these names for the relevant tool tips, but it seems the same cannot be done for the values themselves in the legend.

Any help here?


@QSCommUser - I believe you can change the Calculated field name itself to something meaningful that you want to show to the user. Won’t it work for you?

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@sagmukhe - thanks for the feedback.

Yes - this was going to be my last option.

The reason why did not want to do this was because I have a naming convention for the specific calculations which are use in this particular dashboard/report. This helps manage the calculations in my rather long field list by just using an abbreviation at the start of the calculation (so all calcualtions share the same abbreviation), which then saves having to remember every calculation by name.

Ideally I would group them in folders the same you can when grouping fields in the dataset, but it seems you cannot do this.

@QSCommUser - Thank you for sharing your insight and I agree to it. I believe QuickSight may have some plans for column organization as well going forward, which may contain this. Right now, I manage it via the search feature that is there. Even if I remember a portion of the column name and type it in, it basically filters the list only to those columns matching the string pattern, which eventually helps with the selection among the long list of columns.


Anyway, Thank you for sharing your feedback. Great to collaborate and share each other’s thought process. Happy dashboarding!

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