View anomalies in table structure

Is it possible to show anomaly detail in a table format?

Not currently.

You might look to do this manually. You could look at conditional formatting and creating a calculated field / sql that can flag for an anomaly.

You could look at percentiles to add a rule.

Thanks. Is the feature on your product roadmap?

Using a percentile, would not be using RCF, right? It would say that any % greater than or less than a range based on expected value from ETS or ARIMA?

If I were to use percentiles to add a rule (calculated field), how would that look?

I don’t know if its on the product roadmap.

Here is how a flag could work. You can substitute {int_bearable} with you numeric field. This could also be a count or other aggregation.

ifelse({int bearable}> percentileDiscOver({int bearable},80,,PRE_AGG),‘Flag’,‘Do not’)

From there, you make a conditional format on the table.

One thing to note you will need to add the field into your table, but you can hide that field.