Viewing Owners of Datasets

I want to view who owns/the original creator of datasets that have been shared with me. Does anyone know how to view that? Currently, if I am an owner of the dataset, I can see the other owners, but can’t see who the original creator was. Additionally, if I’m just a viewer of a dataset, I can’t see any permissions at all.


you can it on dataset. all the user of the dataset with their role and rights.

Naveed Ali

Yes, I’m aware of this. But I want to see who created the dataset. If there are multiple users who are “owners” of the dataset, is there a way to see who the original owner was?

Original owner information is not available because users can be deleted. Once a user is removed from the account all the references to that user are removed. Original owner information thats why is not persistent. Would you be able to share some details on your use case.
In case of viewers, this is as designed. Please share use case on this as well.

I see. I wanted to see original owners to ask them questions on the dataset. For example, some datasets are old, and may be outdated. I wanted to ask owners about specific fields, if they are used or needed anymore, as the creators would most likely be familiar with the original purpose, and let me know if I could remove the fields or not.

Hi @ineedqshelp, Is this part of a clean up process that you intend to see the dataset owner name? I will message you privately to discuss further on your use case.


Yes, that is correct.