Visual Default / Present if the filter is not relevant

Is there a way to show a “present” or default in a visual when the filter gives a N/A or 0 (or any other value you can choose)
If not that would be great.

example - if you filter out a month and there was not values in that month for a specific field, instead of 0 it can show ‘none’ or ‘no values found’

Some visuals allow you to choose to “Show Date Gaps” in the format visual menu when using a date field in the group by field wells. You should always check this first:

However this option is not available for all visuals. Let’s say you add the date field (group by field well) and another field that is aggregated (example SUM of clicks). And you would like the visual to still show

This depends on two things:
1. The data that is present in the dataset
You need to make sure that there is at least one row for all months which you want to appear in your visual. If your data can have missing months, then typically you would do a right join with a months table which includes all the months when creating the dataset.

2. The aggregation of the filters that you use
You can think of filters that use No aggregation as removing rows before these are fed into the visual. Conversely, filters that are done on some aggregation (such as SUM, MAX etc), are done after that data is fed into the visual - hence the visual can still display 0 for months which did not have any matches.