Visual Key Performance Indicators

I am using KPI visual in the chart which is showing percent difference between week of 20th March, 2022 vs week of 13th March, 2022. However, I want the difference between week 13th March , 2022 vs week 6th, March, 2022. I tried to use relative filter for previous week but it does not work. How can we customize the KPI visual to compare previous week vs prior week.

In the relative date filter, make the relative periods broad enough to capture all your data (I used last 10 years in this example) and then use the second section which allows you to ‘Exclude’ the last 1 Week. Does that work for you?

I did try doing it but does not seem to work. Attached is the screenshot where it continues to show March 20th, 2022 vs March 13th, 2022. However, with the applied filter it should show March 13th, 2022 vs March 6th, 2022. Please let me know if I am missing any parameter. Appreciate your help.

Could you please try this:

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It worked finally, did a little tweak in the end date. Thank you :slight_smile: