Visual Limit

Hello. I was just wondering how the current visual limit within a sheet works on QuickSight. My QuickSight analysis sheet says I have reached the maximum number of visuals (50), and that if I want to add more I will need to delete some, or add a new sheet. However, my sheet seems to have over 50 visuals already, and it continues to allow me to add more. Can someone tell me what the current guidelines are in terms of a maximum number of visuals on a sheet, and if me having over 50 will cause issues when publishing the analysis as a dashboard? Thanks in advance

Hi @DannyFowler - welcome to the QuickSight community! Thanks for your question.

As per QuickSight documentation, you can have 30 visualization objects per sheet. However, you can add more than 30 visuals with the limit being 50. You get a warning of possible performance regression. Please refer to the post.

I’ll mark it as a feature request.

Please create a support case and follow up as needed.