Visual limitation for Paginated Report

Hi Everyone,

Could someone please tell me what is the visual limitation for QuickSight Paginated Report?


Hi @Salini, can you please provide more detail in terms of what limitation you’re looking for? There’s limit of 30 sections per sheet and up to 1,000 pages for PDF.


Hi Imran,

Thanks for the response!

I would like know how many sections can we add in a Paginated Report, like I need to fit in 90 sections/tables in a paginated report.

Will it work incase if use 3 sheets- 30 sections/tables per sheet and then if I duplicate those visuals to Paginated Report?

To be specific I need to know the section limitation for a paginated report.


Hi Salini - limitation is 30 sections per sheet.

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Thank You @Imran_Burki