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I have companies related data (Sample shown below):

Company Associated Industries
3001 International Government , Information Technology , Software
9wood Architecture , Manufacturing

There are hundreds of companies in the data set. I want to show metrics for number (or percentage) of companies associated with specific industries, like how many or what percentage of companies are associated with for instance, Software.

What would be a good visual to show this information. I was thinking Pie chart, but the default functionality does not work very well for this type of representation.

I would appreciate guidance.

The data fields should look like this:
Company -----------------Associated Industries
3001 International ------Government , Information Technology , Software
9wood --------------------Architecture , Manufacturing

Somehow spaces were collapsed in the original question


You can use the vertical bar chart.

Naveed Ali

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Thanks Naveed for responding.
So, how would that work. Lets say, 10 companies out of 100 have the Keyword Software listed in the industries column, along with other keywords as shown in the example, would a vertical chart show 10 % companies associated with software industry?

Anyone else, please feel free to chime in. Thanks.