Visualization help with multiple boolean columns

Hi there, I am having trouble trying to graph my data in a meaningful way.

Customer	HasPlayedBasketball	HasPlayedSoccer	HasPlayedHockey
John	       TRUE	                            TRUE	                         FALSE
Mary	       TRUE	                            FALSE	                         FALSE
Shawn	       TRUE	                            TRUE	                         TRUE

I added a small example of my dataset. We have many sports options and I would like to be able to show something meaningful with this dataset but having trouble wrapping my head on how to use the current data structure with the visual types available.

Maybe a vertical bar graph, X-axis being the count/average Y-axis is the sport.

Hello @boss, utilizing a dataset that is just returning a list of true or false responses will limit the number of options you have to build meaningful visuals. There are definitely some options though that you could use. I think the bar graph idea is good, counting the number of people for each category.

Another option would be building KPIs that would display the percentage of Customers who have played each sport.

Make a calculated field called CountBasketball that would look like this:
ifelse({HasPlayedBasketball} = 'TRUE', 1, 0)

Then you can get your percentages by using this calculation:

Thank you, that definitely works for a single sport, but I have so many. Was hoping for a solution that can show the comparison against multiple simultaneously.

Hello @boss, well another option would be to improve upon your original bar graph idea and make a stacked 100% bar chart where you would make the value field well the count of customers and then the Group/Color field well the HasPlayedBasketball field so it would show the percent of customers that have and have not played each sport.