Waterfall Diagram format

I have a waterfall which in-short shows the history of a each case and what status they have been in. It helps us understand the drop-off between each statuses. I have created a calculated field to order each status correctly.

The one problem i’m having is that the waterfall is going upwards, even when the numbers decrease. I think this is because its adding the current status + previous? What i want is for it to decline.

One anomaly is “Application in Progress” since this is an older status, therefore no longer used (but still needed to be shown). So Initial Enquiry → status #3 should be going down to something like:

And the rest of the statuses should follow this pattern.

In addition, is there anyway to remove “Total”. This is because this is a sum all of all counts of cases in each status, which doesn’t tell us ‘total’ since it’s a history. In a way, all cases in “Initial Enquiry” would be “total”, as ALL cases would have gone through this step.

To sum it up, how can i remove “total”, and have my waterfall decline, rather than be a lower count, yet be higher up in the visual than a status which actually has a higher count

Hi @HarveyB-B

within you legend there is no decrease, right?
Normal should go up and down if the numbers are right.

Can you create a table visiual and look if there are negativ numbers?


So all the numbers for each group are positive, but since it is less than the previous one, i thought that there is a way for it to go down. So as more drop-off, the less get through - therefore a decrease in customers, which is easily shown by the waterfall being in a declined.

Is it possible to do a reverse running sum? So i start with ‘Total’, and order from count DESC, and that would leave me with it decreasing and the visual itself will go down.

Hi @HarveyB-B

but since it is less than the previous one

thats the reason why the bar would be smaller. In case it would go down it looks like its negativ.


Oh ok this now makes sense.

So is there a way to get the difference between the count of each case status and display this number as a negative. So opposed to showing the count of customer continuing the journey, i can see the number of people who drop off. (calculation would be along the line: bar3 = count(bar3 - bar1))

Based on my image i first sent (we will exclude “application in progress”), we would start at:
bar 1 - 53,000
bar 3 - -7,000
bar 4 - -40,000
bar 5 - -3,000

you could create a new field

new_field = ifelse(casestatus = "Bar 1",{increase}, casestatus = "Bar 3",-{increase}, ...)

Thanks for the response, since this is a slight move of direction (getting differences between groups in a field) i’ve created a new post on this topic:
(How to get the difference between 2 groups in a field)