We Need Support Cost in the MIST Account with total Cost

In Perfume Org. We need to do column Techm cost --Total then after put in below formula

=IF(K3=“Business Support”,IF(J3>250000,SUM((J3-(250000))0.03,1700000.05,700000.07,100000.1),IF(J3>80000,SUM((J3-(80000))0.05,700000.07,100000.1),IF(J3>10000,SUM((J3-(10000))0.07,100000.1),IF(J3<=10000,SUM(J3)0.1)))),IF(K3=“DeveloperSupport”,IF(J3>=1000,J30.03,IF(J3<1000,29)),IF(K3=“Basic”,J30,0)))

and value should be add in the Mist Account Total cost only

Hey @ajith_18

If you are trying to use quicksight calculated fields here are a couple of syntax corrections.

instead of if() you need to write ifelse()

For sums, if you are looking to do sum(1,2,3) = 6 then you need to take out the columns and insert math functions. sum(1,2,3) turns into sum(1+2+3).

Also you will need to replace your K3s / J3s with the name of your actual columns.

To have it sum for only the mist account you can also add an ifelse statement at the top : ifelse(account=mist_account, formula,0)

Or you can add a filter on the visual to filter it just to the mist_account.

Hope that helps.

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