Weekly Average not Showing Correctly

Hello, I am trying to work out how to find the weekly average number of abandoned calls from my customer call data. This is what the sum total number of abandoned calls looks like for the month of May 2023 in my table below.

From this I am trying to divide the total sum/count of abandoned calls by the # of weeks (e.g. 4) in this scenario, to get the following…

but for some reason I am not able to achieve that outcome. With my calculated field for average this is what it’s showing.

My calculated field I am using is: count(contactid) / (dateDiff(min({StartTime (PST)}), max({StartTime (PST)}), ‘WK’))

Can someone please explain how I can fix this issue. Thanks!

Have you tried periodToDateAvg?

Hi Max, I tried doing that but I am somehow receiving the following error message?

What are your other fields {Count of ContactID} / {starttime}?

Are they both calculated fields and can you paste them here?